Boiling Pot 2015 MkvCage Bluray

Boiling Pot 2015 MkvCage Bluray

Boiling Pot (2015) - SevenTorrents
Genre: Crime, Drama, History
Imdb Rating: 7.3/10
Quality (a:v): 9.6:9.5/10
Size: 702 MB (MKV)
Starring: Danielle Fishel, Louis Gossett Jr., M. Emmet Walsh, Keith David, Davetta Sherwood, Ibrahim Ashmawey, Sayed Badreya, John Heard, Corrin Evans, Ashley Lynn Switzer, Matthew Koenig, David Menich, Grant L

BOILING POT is based on a true story about a modern collegiate student body rocked when a noose is found hanging from a tree on campus. Racial tensions grow between various student groups and culminate in violence, leaving everyone to wonder if there is anyone left who is truly innocent.

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